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Everything gets more confusing as the ending approaches and suddenly…it happens! We won’t spoil the fun and say what, but it is oddly intriguing. This short is a must watch for every drama-thriller-mystery enthusiast. In seventeen minutes, Mark O’Brien and Jake Wilkens managed to compress a story of a lifetime!


Review written by Vlad A.G

Few times in the past we had the chance to watch movies that messed with our minds so hard, we had to see the movie again only to get our fascination trough. Mark O’Brien and co-director Jake Wilkens' 'Wanderer' is a movie from this category.

From the beginning we have to mention that everything about this short – lights, camera movement, cinematography, soundtrack – is amazingly constructed. It is very hard to find something wrong about 'Wanderer' in terms of cinematic construction. Ok, this is something we’ve seen in out festival in the past, but the story, that is the ace O’Brien and Wilkens had in their sleeve.

From the first scene, this short looks like it is up to no good. And things pile up as you go through the movie and watch it once again. Some details that are presented in the first two minutes are very hard to notice at a first glance, but once you think about the scenes it blows your mind. The open discussion between the house owner and the mysterious wanderer goes on a path of psychological examination from one part to the other. The whole discussion about happiness is the perfect description of the dehumanized facial expression of the wife that just stands there and tries to work something out.

The next scene with the house owner standing in front of the T.V is the one that confuses the viewer but in the context of the action it is the spark that starts the fire.









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