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If we try to count the words we use the most in a week, the word ‘busy’ would definitely be in the top. We are way too busy to talk to each other, way too busy to look at the surrounding environment, and way too busy to focus on things that are not displayed on a tiny screen we carry with ourselves everywhere we go. Evan McInnes took the everyday drama of our generation and put it into a short video that has the primary purpose of changing the way we are living life now.

‘Urbanality’ focuses on the alteration of the grey life we are living, removing the buildings and letting the mellow gold sun touch the already suffocated nature. There are several situations presented here that we encounter regularly, but we are too busy to perceive them as we should. Our favourite was the last one McInnes proposed: people in the tram staring into their phones, without knowing where they are, without knowing what is happening around them. When the backdrop changes, it takes a while until the first person realizes that something is different and that one person takes advantage of the new situation, becoming a part of the newfound reign.

What Evan McInnes did in his film was to place the mirror in front of us, to see what we always believe is not valid.  When we encounter someone telling us that we are excessively hooked on technology, we tend to be offended by this, but in reality, we know that technology took over and we are just some puppets that are moving in a certain way. The lesson we learn from ‘Urbanality’ is a simple one that we keep forgetting – life has so much more to offer, and we are focused on the wrong things.

‘Urabanality’ is therefore not only a film raising awareness on the impact of technology, but also a life lesson teaching its viewers to open their eyes and see the beauty that lies in front of them!

Review written by Vlad A.G

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