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Christine E. Whitten's music video "Ukraine, Ukraine" talks about the current and ongoing topic of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and how it should end as soon as possible. As we’ve seen in this video and also in the news daily, almost every country on the planet roots for Ukraine to overpower their invaders, and every day when we wake up, we check the newsreel to see what’s going on there, how is it evolving and how many people didn’t live to see the next day. It is a tragic situation indeed, and this song captures a tiny portion of it and brings it to the audience in a form ideal for raising awareness.

Listening to this song reminded us of the Vietnam war era when country and folk songs promoting peace and love got widespread, and their popularity rose overnight. There is a lot of what we remember from those days in this song, starting with the guitar line, the lyrics, and even the vocal edit.

The footage used in this music video fits perfectly without being too graphic, which is ideal in times like these. We need to keep our hopes up, and we cannot do it without a powerful message and some inspiring visual aids that need to build trust that everything is going to be ok. The image of Odessa thriving before the war, then the following scene where the statues of Lenin is taken down, followed by the bombings in a mash-up with a piano player playing through the bombs, are all perfectly sewn together to warn the viewer that wherever one day is beautiful, the next day can be hell.

"Ukraine, Ukraine" is not propaganda because nowadays, the term is used too liberally withour proper arguments.

Instead, it is a wake-up call for many of our fellow citizens who are looking at what is happening in Ukraine with disbelief, and through films like this one, we can change their minds and make them realize that the change can start with us!

Review written by Vlad A.G

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