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‘The Unboxing Video’ is the perfect mockumentary we never knew we needed in our lives. The Creator mocks everything from bloggers that frequently do unboxing videos, mocks ASMR creators, and eventually mocks a whole industry based on nothingness.

The Creator represents the generic vlogger that tries in any possible way to become relevant to the viewers, sometimes going over the edge. The whole concept of this short is hilarious and deserves attention from both mocukmentary and fiction film lovers. This short could easily pass as an indie rock music video as it has the power to say nothing and at the same time be full of answers to questions no one asked. For some reason, it reminded us of "You only live once" by The Strokes, as the colors used are from the same spectrum. The prevalent white with different shades here and there, plastic beans pouring from the box, different stages of facial expressions, everything leads through an indie music video. What we loved here is how The Creator breaks the fourth wall and addresses the viewer directly. This technique made ‘The Unboxing Video’ a special video in this festival as we do not get the chance to see this technique used every day. It is hard to use it prolifically as Papartis did, for we have seen experiments where this kind of technique is used to make the shorts stand out, but most of the time it fails in delivering the right effect.

The ending is the poem of a dead man walking back into the life he left out when he started filming the unboxing. He walks alone, feels the pulse of the street, and blends in the magical mystery tour the urban area has to offer.

Review written by Vlad A.G

‘The Unboxing Video’ is a quest through the fraction of a life that is in the spotlight at first, but ends behind the closed curtains where the lights are fading faster than one may expect.

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