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‘The Tree’ is a self-proclaimed philosophical short film. We learn that from the plot overview, but how hard is it to determine what is philosophical and what is not in a short film that barely lets you understand the whole plot?

In ‘The Tree’ we have three characters – a traveler, a botanist, and a photographer. Each and every one of them has a life, a backstory, an individual path. They do not know each other, but in some way, in order to do so, one day they have to be at a certain point, at a certain time – they have to be at the tree.

Catalin Stef’s film brings up some interesting aspects of life. First of all, he introduces a polarizing element that, even though, physically speaking, is not there from the beginning , it is the bond that brings people together. That specific tree in the park has the role of the center of the universe for some people at some point, and it is interesting to think about this; we may not be aware, but destiny makes us meet certain people at certain points in our lives, and sometimes we feel like it’s not the first time we’ve seen them.


Catalin Stef’s short deals with the philosophical theme of destiny – at first, you may not think of this short as one dealing with such a theme in a rather explanatory way, but this will change minutes after the short has ended.


The great thing about ‘The Tree’ is its unforeseeability that will leave you craving for more.

Review written by Vlad A.G

The final continuous scene, when all three people meet near the tree is the core of life that we never tried to explain it for ourselves, or the one that we never thought of. Life is a continuous series of accidental events that are placed there to make it all worthwhile.

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