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Jacob Hayek’s short drama is the kind of movie we need right now. There are problems everywhere in the world, problems regarding races and religions, and we have to be aware of this fact, because only when we are totally aware of what happens all around the world, we can begin the change everybody claims to be. Even if it was inserted in a stand-up comedy bit, Australian comedian Jim Jeffries takes a shot at this issue in his latest stand-up special Freedumb. When it comes to discussing religions and mostly Muslims in the United States and the Trump propaganda, he iterates the following idea: “(…) when all of a sudden, someone who could be your president says: You are not welcome here and you should be put on a register”. Now you are a 16 year old boy or girl Muslim living in this country. You’ve lived your entire life in this country. You’ve always considered yourself American. Now that kid, how quickly do you think that kid could be radicalized now? Before he wasn’t going to be radicalized at all.” Even though it sounds drastic and sad, this is the truth, and 'The Jim Crow Holocaust' points out this idea of isolation and persecution with elements that were forming the ground of 'Schindler’s List', visual elements with deep impact on the viewer and even on the cast.

The role of the young Muslim boy being bullied in the public transport for being so called “different” must have been shocking and extremely traumatic for the young actor. Even though the role was difficult, the young boy made the most out of it, sending the right emotions and leaving us amazed by this impeccable role. The cinematography, the editing, and the score were perfectly done to enhance the intrinsic value of the plot. It would have been interesting for a movie like this one to also have the chance to be read as a novel, because covering such a delicate problem would totally make an amazing piece of literature.  

Taking a subject so delicate and making the most out of it, Jacob Hayek won the ultimate bet of sending the right message in the most unique and original way.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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