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‘Status Update’ opens up as being a short film where a woman posts her everyday memories on Facebook, looking for emotional shelter and finding it. Her story, based on her Facebook posts, is quite sad – she gets engaged, time flies, and then Adam, the man of her dreams, doesn’t seem to come back to her. He disappeared somewhere, and we don’t know where, how, or why, but what we know is that Helen misses him, and wants him back. At first one may think the whole movie is about some soldier that went to the warzone and never reported back to his wife. Her attitude is very similar to what we’ve seen in war movies, and her pain is pretty much what some sort of post traumatic stress disorder looks like.

Even though it starts as a Facebook short film, the back story is tragic, and there is not much till the viewer understands the background of the whole suffering and posting ritual. The woman, Helen, was suffering from dissociative amnesia, and everything she posted was a way of maintaining the idealistic story from her mind alive in her heart. 

We admire what Hansa Dasgupta did in ‘Status Update’. We need more videos like this one, depicting diseases that are discussed very little, but are a huge problem in this world. Through ‘Status Update’ the viewers can understand how much we can change their world only by giving them our attention, or just by being there for them. We would love if Hansa Dasgupta will continue with this kind of videos, and even make a series out of it, because people need to know what’s going on in this world. Through shorts like this one, our human race gets closer together.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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