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‘Scattered’ is a dark comedy short that was a big surprise for us! Before watching the movie, we took a trip on the whole statement of the director, and frankly, we were expecting something way more grim and dark; we were shocked (in a really good way) and blown away by how natural and life-like was this film, being the perfect short to go with a coffee break.

One thing that we LOVED (yes, we need capital letters here!) about ‘Scattered’ was the dialogue; it was like Jerry Seinfeld brought together a top ten of the greatest comedic writers of all time and experimented on a field that was neutral for all of them, releasing a script that would make you laugh, whilst making you think about something so important such as death, and in the end, leave you hanging in the most powerful and artistic way possible. There are moments when you don’t know if it’s ok to laugh, and you pause, rewind, and watch it again to see if it’s still funny the second time and you end up laughing even more. Besides being funny, this short is also smartly written. The lines are well documented, and one can really feel that the script was written by a diehard book worm, someone very keen on new pop literature.

The score was adequate, being the cherry on top of the sundae. The end of the short, being a little bit sharp, was beautifully decorated with a soundtrack that really makes it stand out. We would not exaggerate when we will say that 'Scattered' made its way to our top five best comedies we’ve ever had in this festival. Ellie Harvie's film is fresh, funny, and brilliant!

Review written by Vlad A.G

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