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Nadim Tabet’s music video, ‘Fiery Observation’, follows the story of freedom felt inside by every viewer without even knowing it, the type of freedom that makes you feel relieved whilst giving you the chills. Also, the general theme seems familiar to us, as we have felt it in any beat generation work.


A man and a woman are driving in an old vintage car down the road, with poker faces, looking empty and alone together. As they are driving, they take hitchhikers with them, and soon the car becomes full, silent, and extremely impersonal. They seem like they do not want to talk to each other, they do not want to know anything about the other passengers. The thrilling feeling of five people driving in silence is more than poetic – they do not talk to each other, but they seem to be part of the same story. A little detail that caught our attention is the presence of the playing cards; at various moments in the music video, some playing cards appear in different forms. Their presence is crucial in deciding the next move we are going to see in ‘Fiery Observation’.

Moreover, here is where this music video catches wings and flies directly into our hearts – one of the last scenes portraits all five characters marching and posing as the representations from the aforementioned deck of cards. The last scene brings back the beat vibe – in ‘On the Road’, the movie, there are various moments when the main characters ride along with other people through America to find themselves; in ‘Fiery Observation’ we find the same theme – the five characters drive together in a quest to fully discover the meaning of life in the simplest possible way. For any beat fan, this music video is a pill of Woodstock you do not need water to swallow. 

Review written by Vlad A.G

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