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Not very often do we get the chance to have in our festival movies that deal with the underground culture. In Bruno Sanábio’s 'Obsessed' we were deeply surprised to find the heavy metal culture highlighted in a very pure form, seen from the perspective of two cousins that...rock it out loud!

The whole soundtrack was beautifully blended with the original score and background music from the bands that rocked the music scene from the 80’s until now. All the bands mentioned in this movie proved us that Sanábio has good knowledge of the musical scene of that period and that he didn’t stand back in showing it off.

For us, this short was a great surprise for a couple of reasons. First of all, the script it is indeed a very good short story, something that today’s writers would love to write. The characters are presented as having a messy life, without responsibilities or social life. These outcasts live their life as the wind blows, listening to their music, having quarrels with everybody and sometimes going to concerts or other events where they get together with other outcasts. The whole story makes sense when one of the characters tells the other about a concert where things went wild. From that point on, the viewer is expecting the comeback that is delivered in the end. The plot-twist is perfect and the final scene was hilarious.









Secondly, the cinematography and the filming technique reminded us of the biopic Control of Ian Curtis from Joy Division. The viewer may experience part of those feelings in compressed in a twenty minutes pill that is... pure joy!

When it comes to underground related movies, the directors tend to go on a patronizing path, forgetting to highlight both the ups and downs in the story. Sanábio did an amazing job in 'Obsessed' and we highly recommend this short for the insertions of music memorabilia that are presented here.  

Review written by Vlad A.G

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