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Dylan Oliver’s short movie deals with a classic case of love seen from the past to the future in a very brief period of time. We may call it a regular case of “love sick”, where one or both of the partners dream about past experiences and try to re-live them in any way possible. The whole flashback sequence of the short is great and really foregrounds a powerful feeling that goes beyond the normal human perception. The love scene between the two young women is so pure and meaningful it literally makes you contemplate on the true meaning of love.

Technically speaking, 'Moving-On' is pretty good. Rarely do we get abstract movies that are this good and coherent in storytelling. One thing we really loved about this short was the setting – if the love story wasn’t enough, the backdrop superbly enhances the mood. Also, the actresses – Adele Fish and Kyra Stevens- are really talented and the way they play along in this short is amazing. The feeling is real between them and there is not a single moment when the acting falls apart. One thing that was a little bit annoying and might as well be for some audiences was the sound editing. For sure, the monologue is very good and poetic, but there are some parts when the score is louder than the voice-over and there were some very short periods of time when it was pretty hard for us to understand the narrated story.

Story-wise, this short is not something you haven’t seen before, because love has the tendency to be quite repetitive at times. But it definitely has some kind of innocence and purity one wouldn’t expect to see. This kind of chemistry between actors is very rare and they truly made the most out of it. 

Review written by Vlad A.G

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