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Martin Holper’s short film is a statement against drug use that manages to reach the viewer through something else than shock and ultimate drama. In ‘Loss of Reality’ we find the traces of every stoner movie we loved in the past twenty years inserted in the most subtle way possible.


Martin Holper combines the visual imagery of Irvine Welsh with Chuck Palahniuk’s twisted short narrative bits, reason why it is impossible not to like this short if you watched 'Fight Club' or 'Trainspotting’ as this vibe is still running through your veins minutes after you finished watching the film.

Momo, played by Onur Çağdaş Şahan, sees the essence of existence in drugs and drug use, and nothing will make him quit this habit. Momo may seem like he is a lost cause, a fallen angel who cannot put his life together, but in reality, he is the one that has a panoramic view upon the others and the whole world… or at least this is what happens in his head. In real life, Momo is the one everybody cares about, the mutual concern for all of his friends and family.


For us, the ultimate scene was the one where he was smoking weed on his sofa and the woman comes looking for a spoon to eat her yogurt but realizes that all the spoons in the house were used for burning heroin. The taste made her sick and for a second, we could catch a glimpse out of Momo’s imagined world into the real world.  

Life is not always patient with us, and when the door closes, it is hard to even try to open it back. ‘Loss of Reality’ teaches us a valuable lesson that we should never forget – we only have one life, reason why we should treat it right before it is too late. 

Review written by Vlad A. G.

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