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Most of the times when asked, a film enthusiast wants to see something ‘new, fresh, and different’. This is the case will all the arts, usually, and most of the times, in each and every field, everything goes back to a quote used in one US popular TV series: “new is always better”. ‘LILT” is the new thing that may take you by surprise, as it happened to us. ‘LILT’ is a poem, a musical journey, a dance-off the problems and bad vibes, a complex feeling of plenitude and joy.

We have to admit it, we were literally blown away by the score of this short. In regular shorts, the narrative builds up mainly on its own course, relying on the characters and having different shades based on the dialogue structure. In ‘LILT’ there is another side of the story we wouldn’t have dreamt to consider before watching the short, and that is the score. The audio medium has a crucial role here, giving the narrative a new place in the spotlight, unveiling different shades dialogue could not emphasize, and made the whole movie experience way more interesting. The non-spoken dialogue, or the body language, is also brought into light because of this brilliant soundtrack. Even though it has some dance parts, the whole body language is pushed in front, making everything clear for the viewer.

The main male character has the artistic bitterness of a great cult classic – James Dean. The moves, the dialogue, the vocal reflex, all of them are sending us to that ‘rebel without a cause’ everybody loved. Josiah Cuneo was able to tell a story in the most unique and spectacular way, leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of sending the right vibe, and making sure the audience clearly received his full message. ‘LILT’ is definitely a one of a kind short, and so it has to be treated accordingly!

Review written by Vlad A.G

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