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Wayne Keeley’s short has that vintage crazy experimental vibe that can be used in film and even then it will remain a fiction in all sense. The movie packs everything from cult classic references, to a great selection of yesterday news. Although the production went on for over twenty-five years, the short feels extremely fresh and has a lot of strong points.

‘Kissy Cousins Monster Babies’ is one mockumentary that every fan of this genre should definitely watch. The story floats into a sea of pop references starting from the 80’s and coming to Donald Trump’s "Making America great again".  Jon and Peter are two struggling Hollywood producers that go on a dry streak. They desperately need to create something new in order to come back in the spotlight. Their solution? To combine parts of old movies and stick them together with the glue of their imagination, and to create the new hot-shot blockbuster. The result? Well, it may be way more than both of them thought in the first place. Before watching it we were interested in knowing what the title was about, and obviously, it was in vain to assume the real meaning of it. Then, as we started watching this film, it became clear and altogether funny: the title refers to an old saying that translates, in a very blunt way, that incest is the thing that creates monsters. We’re sure it is a reference to some movies from the 90's or even early 2000's because we remember watching some back then dealing with this particular matter.

Even though ‘Kissy Cousins Monster Babies’ is a satirical short film, the narrative is a serious matter for Keeley, who did an amazing job, making it stand out. For us, the storyline is the best thing about it for the reason that it deals with a vast period of time while the story cuts are impeccably used. The way Keeley creates subplot after subplot, and then suddenly cuts it to seem like a minor event under the magnifying glass of another character that is under the magnifying glass of another event, is the emotional twister that made us get really into it. 

This unique way the story builds from another story is the reason we think Wayne Keeley is not just a director, but a storyteller who knows how to mesmerize the audience with great ease from the very first shots.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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