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In our messed up world we look up to different so-called celebrities that achieved nothing in their life other than public broadcasts and social media exposure and followers. The general public’s goal is to look or act like them, without wondering if that example is worthwhile. Ty Wilson’s 'Handicapable' is the essence of what bravery is, presenting real life cases one can follow, and it is an amazing example of how one can pull themselves together even in the harshest situations.

The short presents the stories of three amputees and their struggle through life. All three cases are shocking and interesting at the same time, being an amazing inspiration of how some of us with a troublesome background managed to do something with their lives.

In these three cases, the following are presented: a war veteran and a Paralympic gold medalist for the United States team in sledge hockey, an advocate and a meningitis survivor that had her legs and fingers amputated, and a college student born without his left arm, but who intends to become the first disabled baseball player to play for The University of Texas.

All of these cases are thrilling, and while watching the short we realized how lucky we are to be healthy, and also how little things we do. This short has the power to motivate every viewer to stop procrastinating and to start doing things, to love life and live their life to the fullest.









'Handicapable' has great shots and cinematography, capturing the essence of the story and presenting it as it is. The soundtrack and the photographic insertions in each and every situation enhance the full drama potential.

Ty Wilson wanted to inspire people and with 'Handicapable' he did it. This short is so powerful and dramatic it is hard to watch it without becoming emotional. Humanity is something we forgot during the years, and with this kind of movies it is a good chance to recover it.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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