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'Hair Cut Man, Hair Cut Woman' is an experimental, and we would say that it is also a documentary film, about how Thailand is perceived by a tourist who is not seeking the touristic sights. This tourist is way more than that, he is searching to see if the charm this country has can be seen through a different spectacle. Obviously, the answer is yes, and it is not the director's answer, it is our answer, the ones that watched this movie without being so emotionally connected to that place. It is not that hard to spot the emotional connection Britski has to this place, and everything becomes even clearer when you read the film description, where he clearly specifies that this short experimental movie was filmed over a seven year period.

For a one man who did all this experimental movie, 'Hair Cut Man, Hair Cut Woman' is really nice, having that genuine feeling we usually seek in movies. Doing it all by himself, Britski managed to send the right powerful emotions he felt whilst being there. The shots, which are naïve sometimes, are filled with meaning and emotions. Seen overall, the short has that vintage 90’s Brit music video feel that made quite an impression on the audience back in the day.

Jason Britski did his best in writing a poem of true spirit with 'Hair Cut Man, Hair Cut Woman', a poem so profound in its fake shallowness, it is comparable to a Ginsberg’s 'A supermarket in California'. The strange yet impeccable mix of Thai and English is setting the mood for a once in a lifetime experience that can be achieved only through total dissimulation. Britski is that kind of artist who can take a regular subject and transform it into a trip of (self) discovery. 

Review written by Vlad A.G

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