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In a film festival, animation is one of the most important yet underrated categories. We say that because rarely we see animations get big prizes in festivals that are not focused on this genre, and it is not fair. Most of the times, in animations, the director puts way more of himself than in regular films, because here is the proper space to do this, to highlight your view without much distortion from the actors.


In 'Entangled', Jordyn Roach seems like she managed to put together folk-tales with sci-fi and powerful colours only to get a great short out of this blend. The story is captivating and also a little bit hard to understand in the beginning, but as the movie goes by, the viewer goes along with the plot.


The animation is pretty rough but combined with the topic of the short and the burst of colours, it’s an amazing overall experience. Also we really appreciated the voiceover – the male voice in the physics part is amazingly heartwarming. But, what we thought it was a little bit annoying was the constant screaming, the high pitched screaming that was meant to be scary but it failed at doing so. Maybe what those screaming voices needed to be more viewer friendly were some audio effects to smooth things out.









We said in the beginning that 'Entangled' has many folk-tales perspectives that are very well foregrounded. The duo of beautiful sister-ugly sister is something very common in Eastern-European folk tales, going hand in hand until one of them has to make a decisive choice. Rarely can they live separately and if they do, they are not acting normal. Also, the dialogue seemed pretty folk inspired, especially in the end when one of the sisters claimed that they are different because in two different worlds they share their exact opposite characteristics, the ugly one being beautiful and vice-versa. Needless to say, this short has the ending we expected based on the general overview.

Jordyn Roach pushed the limits of folk-tales from paper to video in 'Entangled' and we can say she did a great job. If you don’t believe us, we dare you to watch it and see for yourself!


Review written by Vlad A.G

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