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There is a well-known saying, "Dance like no one is watching," which aims to boost confidence whenever the mind blocks movement in any way. However, in 'EmergencE,' we witness the reverse of this quote: "Dance like everyone is watching, and whenever you do so, do it majestically, from the bottom of your heart, just as others did before." Follow your masters and role models, and play with the movements in ways the mind cannot comprehend. This is what Tristan Juarez does in this short experimental video. 

Following the paths of the rock stars that defined movements one way or another, like Jim Morrison and David Bowie, Juarez leaves the body to feel a wave of energy to redirect it into a form of a creative spirit. Having Morrison inserted in the film foregrounds the craziness he could do whilst doing just the basics. He was a volcano that was always on the brink of eruption, and the film makes us feel this through Juarez’s actions. 

Bowie, on the other hand, comes with the calm before the storm. There are a few shots where we can see Alladin Sane, a cult look transcending generations. With this combination of solid energies, 'EmergencE' expands into being the light leading the way to others. 

As a whole, Marco De Ornellas's 'EmergencE' feels simultaneously like an expensive commercial for a great perfume and a music video for a Måneskin song that is about to dynamite the music charts. There is a kind of beauty found in this clip with aggressive lighting, colours and smoke one may find in the cactus flower in the desert. However, we must come back to the idea that if this does not become a music video for a band that knows how to make the crowd go wild, it will be a significant loss for the music industry.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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