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There has been a bit since we last had a short with so much action and that kept us watching without being redundant. James Hu provided us with the perfect example of intense action and sharp dialogues in a less than eight minutes movie.

To be honest, at first, 'Dead Unanimity' seemed like a director cut from a Breaking Bad episode, having the same background, the same situation, with a cast that seemed to be directly from an Albuquerque carwash or fast food restaurant.

Although this short seemed like we have seen it thousands times before, because of the stereotypical fight scenes and the ongoing plot twists, it had some genuine elements that got us really intrigued, such as – that plane part that served as a hide-out, the background story of the main female character, the information she was packing on the hard-drive, and most important, what she did after the final scene. 'Dead Unanimity' left us with lots of questions and that is the right thing a movie of this kind should do.

There is no doubt movies like these raise questions, and there is one question most of the times we find no answer to, and that is the hardest one: why? When we receive movies that feel like they are out of a general context this question pops and we have to find answers to the same simple question: why? In this case, the answer was given by director James Hu because the dialogue was pretty straightforward and it was clear for us most of the background story that happened before the first moment of 'Dead Unanimity'.

The score was really good and was a perfect fit on the story, also the cast did a pretty good job and from our side, there is nothing to reproach. If by any chance in the near future, James Hu decides to transform this short into a feature film, we are eager to see it at as many film festivals as possible.


Review written by Vlad A.G

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