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Tyler C. Peterson's short film follows the story of Elisheva (played by Molly Shayna Cohen), a woman who's about to get married and runs away from home one week before her wedding to clear her head. She rents a room in the hills outside of Los Angeles from a woman named Meredith (played by Susan Louise O'Connor), with whom she has some life-changing conversations. Her bond transcends all the barriers, and they find a confidant in each other.


'Cooper & Wool' was a great surprise for us regarding visual identity, storyline and dialogue. The vintage look of every shot transported us back to a time when movies were more experimental, and the imperfections of the visual render highlighted the narrative. The storyline felt like a bit from a beat novel, where the main character was in distress and only running from the unending pressure of everyday life could foreshadow the real meaning of life's purpose. There is a brief part in the movie 'On the Road', based on Jack Kerouac's cult-classic novel, where the characters are drinking and smoking cigarettes, and suddenly they get trapped in a jazz-mood where life seems to have purpose again. We found the same feeling here, especially when the two women are talking about their lives and how change comes at some point, and a jazzy mood covers the whole plot like a warm and fluffy pillow.

The dialogue in 'Copper & Wool' also reminded us of Kerouac and the other beats for the reason that Peterson created a poetic background that called for a lyrical approach to the matter.

Divorce is seen not as a tragedy but as a thing to be celebrated, viewed from the perspective of the joy-seeking person that wants to make her life better every day. The chemistry between Molly Shayna Cohen and Susan Louise O'Connor is perfect, and both their characters are delivering an outstanding performance.

All in all, we can easily say that 'Copper & Wool' is in many ways the closest thing to poetry we've ever seen in a short film.


Review written by Vlad A.G

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