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Taking in consideration that most of the movies produced nowadays are dramas, it is very hard to create something not only unique but also with a powerful message and a deep emotional background. We were pleasantly surprised to find all of these in William Leon’s short film: 'Attached at the Soul'.


The plot is simple – Donald is near the deathbed of his wife and he is forced by circumstances to attend an event where he and his wife will be praised for their life achievements. Being there he is distracted from the speeches and looks back to the day he met his wife and how life was back in the day.


The cinematography for this student short is neat and simple. We enjoyed very much the score that enhanced the general atmosphere and created that dramatic effect viewers seek in this kind of films. The flashbacks from the past are a good way of pointing out the two main time periods of the short – the narrated time and the time of the narrator. The first one deals with the moments of the flashbacks – the Camusian time, provoking your senses to reveal memories, whereas the second one deals with the present time of the narration. The perpetual digressions from one space to another are something very common in poetry, and we think that 'Attached at the Soul' has a deep poetic meaning.










William Leon’s 'Attached at the Soul' is not only a short, but a fragmentary poem that foregrounds authentic and sincere experiences, unbounded by too many words that can ruin the emotional effect as it is a levitation exercise through the poetics of the feelings transmitted. The wordplay, the recurrent images and also the apparent simplicity function as a cipher that dissolves the barriers between the world of the viewer and the world of the movie.


Review written by Vlad A.G

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