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It’s not every day one has the occasion to watch and enjoy a short film with impeccable acting, outstanding cinematography and a story that unveils the pain of a world we are not familiar with. Cristhian Andrews‘ 'Appetence' is that kind of short you experience, and after the final scene there is an intense period of meditation upon such a subject that really touches the viewer.

The original story from 'Appetence' explores the dark corners of an industry that seems to be present in our world but we are not aware of it. A mom manipulates her young daughter to stop eating and to go into a programme in order to save the world. Needless to say that both of the women are in a rush for fame and money and soon they are willing to do this task but everything comes with a price.

The score and cinematography are perfectly done. There is not a single doubtful moment about this short in terms of technicalities and this is something we rarely have the occasion to encounter in our festival.

It is interesting that this story may look like a futuristic issue that we are not capable of imagining now, but in some way this already started to happen. We have some proof that these things happen to some fashion models only to be what designers look for. It is not good, but what can we do about it?




'Appetence' is a wonderful film where acting is exemplary and the topic is one hundred percent genuine. The cinematography is of top notch quality, the cinematic effects are convincing, the make-up and lightning are very complex. Cristhian Andrews managed to create a truly magnificent film with a great power of expression and also a perfect cinematic vision.


Review written by Vlad A.G

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