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Peter Bradley’s 'Andrea' is one visual poem we really enjoyed watching. Even if it's two minutes and something, there are a lot of things to be said about this short. First of all, we will come out and say it, the animation is a little bit creepy, kind of hunting your memory for the next fifteen minutes after you have the chance to see it. Also, we really appreciated the metaphoric discourse that comes in, greatly blending with the score.

The animation sequences stick close to the literal denotation of the textual images. Some might say that this approach is unsympathetic, but we disagree. Part of what we loved about this poem is its twisting of banality into surrealist mysticism. The contrast between the intensely colored fantasy animation and the back-and-forth to black-and-white kind of discourse, that contrasts nicely.

The score is very good and adequate for this short. The mood is very important for a poem, and the mood here is very well set by the soundtrack. The visual imagery is powerful and profound, as it should be in a good poem.

This movie combines ideas about freedom, words force, fear, solitude and a subtle form of revolution. A film that seduces the viewer not necessarily with the story itself but with the glorious spirit it has packed within it. It is one of those movies which impose a lot of emotions after its end because it reminds about the pure essence of the word, the need of the true affirmation of basic things that define life. 

Review written by Vlad A.G

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