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In 'Vicious Minds Project', Michael Resin, tells the story of Michael, who is betrayed by his best friend and wants to get revenge. But the way he plans to do so is way more than what a normal person would think about.

The world projected in 'Vicious Minds Project' is very interesting – it is one of deception, intrigues, betrayal and greed. There are no positive sides, no good people. Everyone is for themselves only.


The experimental tendencies make the story a little unclear but as for most of the horror films there’s not much philosophy about it except for the goal to deliver the thrills. The score adds up a huge amount of potential that is very hard to find in other horror movies.

Even death is pretty nicely depicted here. You might have previously seen impersonations of death, but Michael Resin’s vision really stands out. The way in which worlds collide is very poetic and frankly, it has been a while since we’ve seen such a scheme in short horror movies. The ultimate combination of score, visuals and effects is quite good. Usually when we start watching a horror/thriller of this kind, our hopes are not that high – but in this case, the result was quite good.





Coming back to the score, it seems like it is part of an album we are pretty interested in listening in the near future. Nothing says goosebumps than a precise rhythm, a well made percussion setting and some effects that are made to lift the spirit in an oddly satisfying way.

If you are looking for a thrill in your lunch-break, well, 'Vicious Minds Project' is the ideal choice for you. In less than ten minutes, it will guarantee to scare and also amaze you, leaving you filled with energy to go back to your work.


Review written by Vlad A.G

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