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Usually we don’t do this, but in this case it is called for – we will have to quote the overview of the movie for a better understanding of the concept: “ ’Time Has Yet To Come’, the first video off Sandmoon's new album #InTheEnd, is a dance video of a different kind. It features Pierre Geagea, an expressive, impressive, contemporary dancer who is deaf and “hears mostly with his heart”. Pierre moves along in a room, on the floor, from wall to wall; the images are intentionally blurred to match the dancer’s impaired hearing. Pierre’s body translates Sandmoon’s music into emotions. The viewer is entirely captivated by the arresting video.”

At first, if you see ‘Time Has Yet To Come’ you may say it is another indie dance video of a song that can really put your heart on the beat, but this is way more. The fact that the dancer is deaf and has to feel the music rather than hear it makes the whole process way more expressive.

From a cinematic point of view, this music video is very well made – we are enjoying the blurry way of filming, the perfect choreography and the shady lights. We made a little experiment and muted the video to see if the moves speak to us and you will be surprised to see our result. Even with the sound muted, we could empathize with the dancer and we could understand the story perfectly.



The song by the indie-pop band from Lebannon, Sandmoon, is engaging. Based on the profile of our festival, we are very eager to see indie projects breaking through the barriers, and this band really caught our eyes and our ears. We are really interested to see the further progress of the band, and why not, other great music videos in our festival in the near future.


Review written by Vlad A.G

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