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In this crime-thriller-drama world, there is this fantasy of creating the perfect murder. It is not easy, but we have seen many movies dealing with this matter recently, and surprisingly enough, all of them promoted various ways of getting away with murder, all different and innovative, reason why we don’t know whether to be happy or scared about it.

‘The Perfect Murder’ has an interesting plot: a man is married to one woman, but is having an affair with another one. His life is torn between love and his love for money, reason why it is hard for him to decide which of them is more important. When forced to make a decision and do the job, the end result does not turn out to be as pretty as you may have expected.

He plans the whole thing and waits for the right moment to put the plan in action, a plan which seems to be working until something appears unexpectedly and hits him like a cannonball.

Vikkramm Chandirramani’s short has edge, deals with problems of the young generation, and at the same time is a very good warning for us. We have to be very careful with whom we are spending our time, and to whom we are giving our heart to, because we may think they are the chosen ones, but in reality, they turn out to be just another vulture trying to feast on the corpse of the relationship.


One thing that impressed us in 'The Perfect Murder' was the main actor, Rohan Gandotra, who played Kabir; his portrayal of a

gold-digging man is impeccable, being charming all the time with all the women he meets, making his way to their hearts flawlessly. But when you love two women, and you don’t know which one to choose (one being the wife and the other being the lust of the heart), life may get hard, and you may have to act accordingly. As a result, Kabir was the man for this for the reason that his way of playing two women was thought-provoking to watch, just like a dancer in a big competition. 

Though we don’t believe in the existence of the perfect murder, we could go as far as saying that we've seen in Vikkramm Chandirraman's film how the almost perfect murder is done (or should be done).

Review written by Vlad A.G

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