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The conquest for the outer space was always a very interesting topic in literature and film. There are thousands of pages of imagined trips to the Moon or other existing or invented planets, and also thousands of movies regarding this subject in any possible and impossible form.


‘The Last Dream for the Moon’ tells the story of the 1969 Soviet quest to the Moon, from the famous space race between the Americans and the Soviets. This short deals with the theory of Professor Werner that narrates one incident that happened in the Carpathians Mountains that could lead to new fantastic possibilities.

We were talking about how interstellar trips marked art, but we forgot to mention one very important field that is nicely revealed in this short – the Soviet art-propaganda. It is a well known fact that the USSR had a unique way of dealing with everyday issues, and the visual medium was one of the most important ones. In this short, at some point, some very exquisite posters that marked the space race are presented. The artistic value of those posters grew during the years and now we look at them with the same respect we treat other artifacts from that period.

The cinematography of this short is very good, dealing with some very difficult shots in a very simple and convincing way. The edit was quite good and so was the score. We really enjoyed the scenery that was chosen for this short, highly poetic for a movie regarding space exploration. Also, the dialogue, or to say it in a simple way, the story of professor Werner is interesting enough to make us want to go deeper into this subject and read forward.

It would be amazing to see in the following years a feature made out of this short that could cover the whole story and reveal more information. We are looking forward for something like this, and who knows, maybe director Octavian Repede will expand his idea into a more complex project.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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