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Anna Panova’s short documentary deals with a delicate problem that was very well documented in the last couple of years – and that is the relation between former Nazis and Jewish people after the war ended. Thus, in ‘Point Symmetry’, we find a situation that we only thought possible in fiction stories covering the period of Second World War. The story follows two families that date back to the 1940’s – Ute Gfrerer’s father was a German soldier and a Nazi party member during the Second World War, whilst Lisa Rosowksy’s family was of Jewish heritage and were all sent to Auschwitz, with only a few survivors left, one of them being Lisa’s grandfather. Their connection seems to be taken right out of an Oscar-winning movie, and yet it is indeed real, and now this story is presented to the whole world through ‘Point Symmetry’.

One thing that we really loved in this film is the way in which the stories are narrated. There is a hook right from the start and it keeps you focused and with the whole-heart opened. It’s hard not to empathize with the things you hear, and fortunately enough, Anna Panova manages to make the most out of this. To be completely honest, we were not aware of the ‘For Our Fathers’ program, but seeing that people are still interested in finding and giving comfort after one of the worst periods of our humankind is absolutely heartwarming.

A film like ‘Point Symmetry’ is extremely relevant and necessary in our day and age because the extremist parties have started to appear in different countries. Because of that, the “religion of hate” is resurrected and the extremist right parties rise, and that's one more reason not to want another chapter in our history to follow the same principles as the ones during the Second World War.

The ones that don’t know their history are bound to repeat it, and with films like Anna Panova’s, we still get the chance to realize from an early stage how deficient our world is progressing.


A well-made documentary that keeps your eyes open from start to finish!

Review written by Vlad A.G

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