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Siham Medjahed’s short documentary film 'MIMA' traces the steps of a grandmother through her youth while she cooks precious and delicious food. There is much to be learned from her as she pours her soul into each story. Her voice brings peace that conceals the turbulence she witnessed, and over time, she gains the ability to put everything into perspective. 

With a primary focus on the grandmother, we understand from the beginning that everything leads to a heartfelt moment that defines the film's overall mood. 'MIMA' brings a specific kind of energy that we eagerly anticipate in life.

Just as comfort food soothes our inner pains, comfort films provide a similar solace but in a slightly different way. A documentary like 'MIMA' touches the depths of our hearts with the careful hands that only a grandmother can provide.

Siham Medjahed’s idea of filming her grandmother telling stories is a brilliant method for preserving recent familial history, as many families lose contact with their ancestry simply because they cannot listen whenever there is a story to be shared. It is essential to follow this path of knowing our roots and immediate past, as it allows us to connect with the world on a different level. We tend to overly focus on the present and neglect reflecting on our past, which is crucial when determining what is good and what is bad. With more projects like 'MIMA,' we can ensure a better future simply by knowing enough about our past from story to story, from person to person. The greatest history always comes from people like us – we need to listen more. And that's precisely what Siham Medjahed's films teaches us.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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