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Mitch E. Apley’s short film, ‘LoveBug’ demonstrates once again that love is in the air. It doesn’t have an age or a specific moment, it’s just there. Fawn (played by Karin Anglin) is seeing her therapist as a part of her daily struggle with love. She seems a little bit unhappy at first and tries to find a way to improve her love life. Her monologue predicts a sad and unsettling ending to this story, but then again, we have our moments where we are wrong, reason why we love it when movies are able to do this to us.

Fawn seems to have a pest problem in her house and calls for an expert. When he comes to inspect her house, she feels it like the plot of a soft-core erotic movie, and it is quite obvious by the feeling that flows in plain air. The story has some unexpected turns and ends up being one of the most romantic unexpected endings we could ask for.

Apley’s vision of switching the narrative perspectives keeping only one narrative voice that tells the story is really good, and it’s refreshing to see a short where everything you come to expect is turned other way round in just a split second. The narrative voice of Fawn has some moments when it takes the story to a level where it made us feel uncomfortable, but it got right back on track as the romance came back into the spotlight.

It is interesting how both Fawn and Ryan, the two main characters, play a double role in this short, and how well they can tell two stories in a really short runtime. Mitch E. Apley deserves a round of applause for this short film as it compresses an hour-long plot into a sweet and condensed ristretto short film.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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