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In "Love without Words," Octavian Iacob delves into a seldom-explored subject – deafness. It is crucial for us to acknowledge that deafness is present in our midst, and only a few among us truly comprehend the significance of acquiring the ability to communicate through sign language. Mihai, portrayed by Paul Diaconescu, discovers firsthand the importance of understanding sign language when, in a harrowing incident on his way to work, he narrowly avoids a potentially life-altering mistake with the intervention of Alexia (played by Alexandra Radu). She, by seizing his jacket just in time, becomes the saving grace that prevents him from making a colossal error. Following this pivotal event, Mihai experiences a complex array of emotions towards Alexia, a person he is unfamiliar with but who appears to captivate him intensely. Over time, he determines how to locate her and initiates the process of learning how to communicate with her. Through dedicated efforts, he prepares himself to articulate his feelings when the opportune moment arises.

We require more films akin to "Love without Words" because they serve as a lens, bringing attention to the vastness of our external world. It is imperative that we open our eyes to the environment surrounding us, making a conscious effort to comprehend the diverse individuals within it. Octavian Iacob, through this film, actively dismantles the barriers that separate us as humans, constructing bridges that facilitate communication and mutual understanding. "Love without Words" exemplifies the importance of maintaining hope and recognizing the inherent goodness in people.

Often, we may perceive our peers as resistant to change, yet in reality, everyone is receptive to understanding the needs of others. Achieving this only requires a touch of empathy and a generous heart willing to embrace others just as we do with our loved ones.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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