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Sam Gordon’s `Liquidation’ follows the path of an extremely successful movie that is a must-watch for any film enthusiast, and that is ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. When a multi-million dollar company is set up in a small town, the life of the town suddenly changes. They take the place of an old toothpaste factory, and nobody knows what they do or even who they are. A cameraman is lucky enough to find a way to do a material on them, and this weighs hard on his shoulders as he is the only one able to see what’s going on in behind the closed curtains.

The parallel between ‘Liquidation’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is pretty obvious, and from a personal point of view, we loved it! Jules Berman’s monologue (played by Sam Gordon) where he breaks the fourth wall reminded us of the incredible speeches Leonardo DiCaprio gave during the iconic movie. The shady activity in the firm is also part of the parallel to the aforementioned movie, being the secret that keeps the tension rising in the film. When the cameraman is trying to discover what goes wrong in the firm, the employees are trying their best to cover their boss, and everything appears to work out great. But the problems are still there, and at some point, the truth comes out.


The frontal shots are great here as they give extra points to the discourse, making it more believable. For example, right in the beginning when Berman presents the office, the camera work gives the whole scene perspective and credibility. He becomes charming all of a sudden, he is not just a businessperson trying to impress us, but he becomes that friend you knew your whole life and now has struck gold.

This manipulative method works like a charm in movies, so as It does in real life. ‘Liquidation’ has the potential to be special, but that’s totally up to the viewer as for some the resemblance with the aforementioned DiCaprio movie might be a massive turnoff.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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