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When life gives you lemons you make lemonade... but when life is unfair and you lose just because you were the last one to join the party, what do you do? When recession hit, most of us weren’t prepared for it and it was a disaster. In 'Last In First Out' this contemporary theme is treated in an old-school manner only to get the expected result of the “unexpected” happy ending.


Being vintage black and white and having all the dialogue shown rather than spoken, we have to focus more on the soundtrack to determine the atmosphere and to make a schema of the background. Indeed it has the old fashioned, good old black and white hint but transposed in the modern times this can be seen little bit... kitsch! Yes, we understand the importance of the issue highlighted in the movie, but the way it was presented is one of the easiest DIY cliché anyone could do with almost no effort in some video editing software.


It may sound demoralizing but this is the truth, if you want to express something in black and white you need more than an edgy subject and a slightly artificial cinematography. For this kind of technique you need a story divided strictly into chapters and subchapters, the array of meanings in the film should be very well defined, not to mention the flawless soundtrack (one of the most important things in black and white filming).








In 'Last In First Out' the general idea is good and with some extra work it may become a competitive movie. The soundtrack is neat and very well chosen – if the eyes see black and white, the score comes with the ”colours” for the viewers' ears.


If this movie appeared seventy-eighty years ago it would have been a cult fiction movie, raising a problem everlasting in our society. Too bad it came so many decades later looking like the copy of a copy of a copy of a movie everybody saw when they were young.


Review written by Vlad A.G

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