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In "Hinter-Land", Christopher Angus endeavors to emphasize the perennial dominance of nature irrespective of our actions. As humans, we often impede the natural course, subjecting it to suffering and becoming a source of problems. The short animation unfolds the narrative of two characters inhabiting a minuscule planet. One day, a character is expelled from their dwelling, prompting a vengeful manipulation of nature to induce suffering. Yet, the animation highlights the formidable resilience of nature, illustrating that despite attempts to alter its course, it ultimately reverts to its original design.

While Christopher Angus's specific intentions in crafting this film remain elusive, its essence is undeniably hauntingly beautiful. Short animations often prioritize technique over story, but here, a harmonious fusion of naivety and profundity converges, shaping a project that provokes contemplation on nature and life at large.

Angus delves deeply into human nature through straightforward examples that we all encounter at least once. Despite moments of rage and hate, there is a recurring theme of resilience. After what appears to be an endless storm, rays of sun and beauty emerge, dispelling the notion that certain things are irreplaceable.

The cinematic landscape would benefit from additional works akin to "Hinter-Land". It's crucial to create opportunities to explore often overlooked subjects, specifically those deemed challenging to address or that have been somewhat overexplored in the past. Examining the future requires a reflective gaze at the past, without the fear of saying once more what was said a thousand times.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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