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Mouse Chased Cat Productions' 'Finding Hope' directed by Krysten Resnick is an inspirational short that will teach the viewer a great and important lesson: life may give you hell, but if you have a little patience, things will add up in your favor. The movie starts in a dark tone – a young family lost their baby daughter, and it seems to be very hard to cope with this. Their life is miserable; every action they do right after this terrible event reeks of desperation and pain as there is not a single moment when hope can be seen in their eyes.


One very powerful scene this short has really caught our attention, and may be the best metaphor to be used in situation where a shoulder to cry on is needed: when the couple is in bed crying over the loss of their daughter, they are hugging in a way their muscles are bonding, creating the picture of a whole; there aren’t two sides, there is only one heart beating strongly for the same cause. We were impressed by that scene, and the soundtrack used for emphasizing the grim mood was absolutely perfect! The amount of emotions delivered was very high, and for a sensitive viewer this may be a reason to break some tears.




Review written by Vlad A.G

The ending comes in a brighter tint, and the story ends with a twist. To be completely honest we didn’t expect that ending, but as it was, it came perfectly to put the whole story on tracks and restore the balance. The two main actors (Crystal Leiaty, and Kevin Leslie) did impeccable roles, getting the most out of a topic that wasn’t easy at all to deal with. All in all, the whole film was a postmodern short story with an interesting twist, and a fresh narrative discourse. Mouse Chased Cat Productions Ltd Film's ‘Finding Hope’ is one of the most interesting inspirational stories we’ve seen, and for sure it will be a blast for any viewer willing to experience it.

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