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'Dress Rehearsal' is the short drama that shows you what happens when you take your acting to a new level, something you aren’t aware of and in many ways, something you don’t want to experience. This short tells the story of a middle-aged actor named Abner who is living with two other friends, actors as well. When he is offered a part in a movie that consists of him playing a woman, he gets into this idea almost instantly. Little did he know that this could be fatal for him.

The score of this short is good, adequate and very interesting. As it should be, the score enhances the mood in many scenes focusing the attention of the viewer on this sad story and nothing else. The cinematography is neat and we couldn't spot major problems in this field. As for the acting itself, we can go as far as saying that it is impeccable – Michael Boston (who is also the director) plays a quite difficult role, the one of a cross-dresser, and he plays it with great ease and with one hundred percent true emotions. The roommates are also having some interesting roles, doing the whole 'roommates routine' by watching football and playing together, being a little bit freaked out by Abner at times, but at the end, after the tragic incident, they really become supportive and empathic.

The story itself is good, well thought through, something that could have been a very interesting piece of literature as well. The narrative is nicely set and done, and we really appreciated that the details weren’t neglected and everything was wrapped together in a very smooth atmosphere.

The transformation of Abner for the role can be seen as a metaphor of the transition of the human soul from one sphere to another to spice up the reality that becomes boring at times. The whole new dimension this short points out was a real surprise for us and because of that, we highly recommend 'Dress Rehearsal' to any drama enthusiast who doesn’t know what to watch next.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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