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Vikkramm Chandirramani surprised us with ‘Destiny’, a film that combines love, revenge, hate, and faith. Two girls discuss a date one of them had with a man. She describes him as being a gift sent from Heaven – good, beautiful, attractive – and her life seems like it just took a new turn. But this changes all of a sudden when the man calls and tells her they cannot see each other anymore. Her whole mirage is therefore destroyed in the blink of an eye, and she tries to come with an idea to get him back, ultimately managing to find a solution. Tanya (played by Nikita Vijayvargia) comes with the ultimate master plan to hurt his feelings, and eventually make him pay. But the plan only works at the beginning, and that is because, as the title reads, destiny intervenes in the process.

To be honest, we’ve expected a more predictable story, and we were really excited to see how this short movie ended. Even though it’s just thirteen minutes long, it managed to cover so many aspects directors usually lose perspective of, like creating a multitude of short actions to spice up the ending (as were the ‘dates’ from the movie), not losing track of the scenes, making them sometimes way too long, and last but not least, having a remarkable colorization and cinematography from beginning to end. Besides its technicalities, we also appreciated the actress that plays Tanya (the above mentioned Nikita Vijayvargia) as she does a nice job in impersonating the hurt and revengeful woman who needs to see her enemies down at any cost.

Many love stories that come on the big screen every year follow a well-known pattern, with some vague changes that aren’t perceivable most of the times. But what we found in ‘Destiny’ was a good ending to a good story, as well as a romantic comedy that's easy to remember. We’re eager to see more from Vikkramm Chandirramani, as with this movie he managed to grab our attention, and at the same time we feel that he is cooking something nice for the near future, something that we would really want to see in this festival.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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