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First word that comes to mind after watching 'Bipolar & Cheese' is definitely – “crazy”! This short was a surprise and a fantastic laugh for us and truth be told, based on the title we never expected something as such.


The plot is simple: something that appears to be a corporate building and two colleagues. The girl falls for the guy but not in the usual way... needless to say, everything goes wild and once started, the crazy rush degenerates.


Based on the director Scarlet Perez's statement, this short was made to raise awareness about Bipolar Disorder and other mental illnesses and in our opinion this is the best way to make people interested in a subject like this one- through laughter.

The characters are nicely highlighted. Violet, the bipolar- chesee obsessed woman is drawn in such a way her disease looks more like a joke for the viewer, because it presents a typology of people we met in our lives.

What we really appreciated in this movie is that Scarlet Perez focused her attention not only on the story, but on the technicalities as well. The camera movement is great, the lightning and the score are neat leaving nothing to complain about in this field.










The exaggerations with the mails Violet is sending Brad and the love panel are all pushed over only to state a fact: that this disease is not funny after all. Also, the complex monologues and the bouts of madness are indeed... spectacular. Scarlet Perez managed to create a short that stands out in a sea of drama. 'Bipolar & Cheese' is the kind of short every festival needs to showcase in order to balance the general mood, and that is because it has everything one could ask for: it has comedy, dramatic moments, it is based on a true story, it has Xanax and Prozac... so what’s not to love? 


Review written by Vlad A.G

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