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Things are not always what they may seem! Three friends in a bathroom – one of them is a social media freak, one is the gullible pretty girl, and the third one has the look of The Punisher on the body of a Barbie. What do they have in common? They are all linked to a certain man, the womanizer, the sports star that everybody wants but only he can choose who should be the lucky one. One morning, one of the girls receives over her phone a short video depicting her previous night – she does not seem to remember much, but that video brings back everything. All of her friends find the content of the video alarming and want to take action. 

Kerry Gamberg’s short has many clues that are foregrounding the conclusion of this short hidden in the details. You cannot spot them at first if you are not focused, but if you pay a little bit of attention, everything comes together.

Review written by Vlad A.G

For example, when Taylor (played by LEAH MCKENNEY) puts on her nail polish, there is a slightly longer shot of her doing this in order to emphasize the importance of the moment in the future. In the final scene, when Taylor is holding the gun, her nails are glowing under the blue light, meaning that one of the drinks had drugs, and she tested it. Even the title, "Askin’ for it" is direct in meaning – no one should do something when forced. Force is not the answer in any human contact and when other external factors intervene, security measures are necessary. Even though in this short we have the typical case you may find everywhere, a case that doesn't seem to disappear anytime soon, we strongly recommend this film not only for being amazingly done but also for the story that raises awareness more than a thousand designated campaigns.   

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