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Anna Nikolaeva's short experimental movie comprises a lot of story in just 70 seconds. It is one of those experimentals that are following one minor event so well it will make the whole picture bloom in the viewer's head.

First, we would like to make this analogy – Nikolaeva's short reminded us of one of the best incredibly short stories by Augusto Monterroso, that in only a few words managed tell a huge story: "when it woke up, the dinosaur was still there." Can anyone imagine that this incredible sentence is the core of many doctoral dissertations? Nine words and a full stop, that's all you need to make history. Coming back to '(a)holistic', judging by the same pattern we can say that in this case, we only need a few stop motion graphics, a female character that can deliver passion and emotion every second, and a story that little by little, unveils itself.

If holistic means, "encompassing the whole of a thing and not just the part", then "aholistic" must go on the road of decomposing the whole. When decomposed, the picture makes sense on each and every part, as each part tells a story that is different from what the whole is. The right-hand tells a story, the left-hand tells a story; all the parts are pieces form a puzzle that is constantly changing.

The hand does what the hand wants, and so it goes for all the parts that are finding a new way of living alongside the body that posed as a house for them.

The deconstruction of the human body for artistic purposes is the deconstruction of the self in front of the problems we are encountering. The self-defence mechanism sometimes lets some pieces behind only to go further, and this may be the most important lesson we get from Anna Nikolaeva's short experimental film.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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