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‘A Darkened Sun’ is a four-part music video that covers through music deep loneliness. The story follows a woman who tries to find herself in this crazy world. Her journey begins when she is aware of how her existence impacts the world, and at the same time, how the world makes an impact on her life. She goes through life in various ways only to understand the meaning of it and find a good escape. The story is told in four chapters, each one being a different state of human perception. The first one, `Phoenix Slain`, shows us modern society and how the outsider tries to make her way through a world that does not seem to fit. The second chapter is called `The Breach’, where the main character tries to find a way out. The great escape raises expectations but ends up as a simple set-up, a bump in the road of the existential journey that is supposed to unravel some kind of truth. The third chapter is called `Dead as the Moon` and the protagonist finds a way to understand the immersive journey she’s following, but everything gets an unexpected turn. When she meets what we think is the other self, she sees that it is bound with ropes and makes only a few repetitive moves as the Moon does, being under the influence of Earth. The final chapter, `Hibernator`, is where the struggle ends, and the door opens. As it seems, the door was always open, but there is a fear to push it and face the unexpected.

`A Darkened Sun` is a music video, but we would like to call it a musical journey. The four songs that comprise the film are exceptionally well produced and recorded. The band, Wolverine, has the power to build a fully formed story only through their music. We appreciated the balance between the distorted guitar, drums and vocals, without being overly produced. `A Darkened Sun` is not quite an album, yet too substantial to qualify as an EP.

Each of its four tracks presents a complex musical endeavour, promising thrills for all ages and minimal risk. We enjoyed the whole concept of a story album, and we firmly believe that Jansson created a rollercoaster journey that can be interesting for movie and music lovers at the same time.

Review written by Vlad A.G

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