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The plot of Drono Archarya’s short movie is intriguing as it is in general everything related to the way women are seen and treated in India. The movie presents four cases of sexual assault upon women in four different situations. The movie shows less but says more mainly through gestures.


The music is appropriate for this kind of film, being exotic and keeping things natural. The dramatic moments are enhanced with suitable effects only to create the state of panic a woman has to deal with when she is forced to do unwanted things.


Also, the cinematography in the dramatic moments is very well highlighted. The use of the small red lights indicates the act that is about to happen and because of this, no words are necessary in the 5 minute long film.


What we thought the movie could improve is the sound. At some points the background noise is too loud and covers the sounds that are occurring as the action goes by.


However, we think 'UndRAPE' directed by Drono Acharya is suitable for a campaign to raise awareness about the rape victims in India, especially for the foreigners. As the film shows us, it is not the way you dress, it is not the way you look, but is the way the assaulter thinks. Most of the times the victims are blamed for being over the line, seeming at the same time to provoke men.





Undoubtedly this short film has the potential to become a feature film in the future. This issue looks like it will be with us for some time, so director Drono Archarya will have time to think of how to expand it. For now, we can only wait for the feature movie to come to light and the rape issue to vanish forever.


Review written by Vlad A.G

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