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‘Shattering’ tells the story we most certainly don’t want to hear, but it is out there and even if we are ready or not, we have to face reality in all its forms.


A young girl has a secret, something that is hard to live with. And that's not only for her, but for her entire family. At first it may sound like a horror film, but it isn’t… the drama the young girl goes through certainly qualifies as horrific and unbearable.

‘Shattering’ is not only touchy via the story, but even through the mood; Keyan Miao managed to set all the components in an unique way, so the viewer will feel the narrative of the short as it is right there, staying on that couch alongside with the whole family, enjoying a piece of that cake. 


One thing that was a little bit out of place, from our side of view, was the constant horrific feeling that didn’t add up to the way this short went. We are talking about the ending scenes, where the women from the family seemed like they were at gun-point, and every little gesture would have been fatal to all of them. The mother enjoying the slice of the cake (in the long and brilliant shot), showed the face of consternation, of angst, the face of betrayal felt when the superpowers went off.

A round of applause from all of us for Olivia DiNino, for her impressive, tough and remarkable role; she is by far one of the most talented young actresses we’ve seen lately, and we bet her growth will be spectacular in the near future.

‘Shattering’ was the short that made us think: even though we’ve taken it as a story and as a narrative exercise, the case is real. There are thousands of cases similar to this one happening as we speak, and very few of us are doing something to prevent them. Through this project, Keyan Miao took the faith of the abused in her own hands, and made the first step into preventing it. ‘Shattering’ is more than a short based on a dramatic story – it’s the sparkle that will start a revolution!

Review written by Vlad A.G

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