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After watching 'Another Love' we are sure that Victor Perez loves stories and he is very skilled when it comes to telling them. In this short movie, as the synopsis tells us, he presents the story of a pregnant married woman that struggles to tell a much older man that their affair is over. If at first this may seem a little bit inappropriate, as the script goes by the viewer is convinced that everything he sees is cleansed of any sexual connotation.


Beside the story, we liked this movie for many other reasons: first of all, the soundtrack. If the story is not enough to play with your emotions, there is no way you will remain untouched by this combination of visual and audio feelings that will overwhelm you. The cinematography is very well constructed, all the elements being closely done and everything coming naturally.


The acting is very good and the cast is well chosen. There are some moments of ambiguity at first, but as the movie goes by you will realize the subtleties Perez is up to.








Coming back to the story presented by Victor Perez, we think it is not suitable for a feature film. This short movie is excellent as it is - dense narrative, very good character construction, neat camera work. Not very often we can say that a short is better than a feature film, or a short has no future potential to be transformed into a long movie, but 'Another Love' is a one of a kind piece; it is a must watch for every film freak!      

Review written by Vlad A.G


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